When discussing our branding and processing, the question inevitably turned to how our products would be packaged. What would our end customer receive? We stripped that question back to think about what we were trying to achieve and also asked ourselves how we could balance our objectives with our founding principles.

The purpose of this platform is to revive the tradition of Islamic art, and that purpose comes with aligning to the foundational Islamic principles to also look after our planet Earth.

From the outset, we were conscious about our carbon footprint...

A global network of printing partners

We chose to align ourselves with a printing company that worked with a network of global partners who could all produce prints of the same quality, but also to ensure that wherever our clients may be, there would be a printer either in their own country (or close by), that would be able to fulfil the order. 

Our printing partners are based in all 4 corners of the globe - in Europe, North America (including Canada) and Australia, which also means our customers in these locations should not experience any delays in shipping. 

However, our desire to reduce our carbon footprint did not end there...

A sucker for packaging we are not...

We made a very conscious and deliberate decision to keep our packaging completely white-labelled thereby reducing the need to print extra packaging, leaflets etc. Basically all the stuff that usually ends up in a waste paper bin. Instead, we decided to focus our efforts on making sure we could provide you with a premium quality product, which you would love for years and one that would be dispatched in suitably protective packaging, with minimal fuss.

We can’t just say we are environmentally conscious, we have to live it too.