The blessed month of Ramadan is here, observed by Muslims worldwide through fasting, prayer, reflection and charitable activities. To celebrate the arrival of this Sacred Month and in order to maximise from all of the immense blessings that this month brings, is delighted to give you our biggest and best offers to own Islamic art and to also do something amazing for mankind at the same time. 

We have shifted our Ramadan 2021 campaign to Launchgood and teamed-up with incredible organisations - Basmala Beads and Heart & Parcel - to raise money for Beta Charitable Trust, the UK’s first 100% donation-policy charity, to raise money for their Striving Against Starvation campaign.  

Donate to our charity campaign

However, we are not losing sight of our core ethos to support independent artisans and our artists will continue to receive their profit share from the sale of their work. has however decided to donate all our own profits to the Beta Charitable Trust for all packages sold throughout the duration of this campaign

Ramadan Collection

We are also for the very first time, giving our customers the rare opportunity to purchase original artwork from a selection of incredible Islamic artists who are all masters in their own field. 

More details to be released next week.

More About Our Nominated Charity and Cause:

Beta Charitable Trust is a UK registered charity whose central belief is that clean water, sanitation, food, medical care and education are basic fundamental rights of every human-being on earth. With projects taking place within the UK and in many other nations that have been afflicted by war, drought or natural disaster, Beta Charitable Trust works tirelessly to ensure that every single penny they receive in donation goes to helping those who need it most.

Their Striving Against Starvation campaign is their annual food parcel campaign which aims to combat hunger for some of the world's most vulnerable people.

To us, there can be no more important cause. 

Donate to our charity campaign

How you can help 

Visit our campaign page here and either make a simple donation and/or buy one of our packages and claim your gifts. Remember, we are donating ALL of our own profits from the sale of these packages to Beta Charitable Trust. 

The more you buy, the more we can donate and the bigger the difference we can all make to people who need our help the most. As the old saying goes, “every little helps.”

Share this campaign with friends and loved-ones through WhatsApp and via your social media channels to raise awareness of the cause that we are supporting and to explain what we are intending to do this month. 

Social media has got the power to effect change. Let us use our voices and our own power to enable positive change for as many people as possible.

With love and prayers for a most blessed month;

Asma, Siddiqa & Mohsin
Co-Founders ~