Star Art Print | Ayrat Khismatullin


Artwork By Ayrat Khismatullin

This artwork, called Star, is inspired by the verses of Evita Gainet:
I am coming, my friend, I am coming.
Though the mountains and across the seas.
In the summertime or in winter,
I only beg you, please, wait for me.
I will rush through the bright sun
And rivers , though the thirst in deserts.
To fill up your wells
I only beg you, don't chill.
I see ships, vessels and oceans.
And the trains that are pulling out.
Maybe I fell in love too soon
But only God knows how long I waited.
I only beg you, wait for me.
While I may fly up in the sky
You ask me why it happens now?
I will tell you that I slept too long.
Through the field and through the earthquake
Through the silence and stomp of a horse.
You will ask me to find more patience.
I will reply, please, take it from me.

Fine Art Print
We use a premium quality heavyweight fine art print material with a smooth, clean finish to create beautiful works of art. Our FSC-certified Museum-quality paper has a matte finish, with emphasis on the different highlights and tones in the artworks, helping to bring out the best in each piece. Please note that the inks used are water-based.

For print orders in the UK, please allow up to 21 working days for delivery.

For personalised art card orders in the UK, please allow 5-7 working days for delivery. 

In other territories please allow up to 6 weeks for print orders and up to 4 weeks for card orders. 

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Due to the current Covid-19 global pandemic, please note that delivery times given above are dependent on government regulations in your country.

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