A Celebration of Womanhood

March 8th every year is globally known and celebrated as International Women's Day - a day to recognise the struggles and rights of women from all across the world.

From Day 1, IslamicArtPrints.com has sought to place talented women at the heart of our very business. Two out of our three founding members are female and the majority of the artists we represent are also women. The aim of our site is and has always been to provide a spotlight on Islamic Art and to revive the global importance of a much celebrated art form once more. And we firmly believe that equality is at the core of that mission. 

Looking back at the evolution of what is now termed 'modest fashion', this multi-billion dollar industry was built on the back of predominantly female entrepreneurs who had emigrated from their ancestral homelands to western countries. After migrating into what would be their new settler homelands, small, home-based entrepreneurs began sourcing and selling modest wear to their friends and families and some started designing and creating their own apparel.

But it was only through forming collectives, and providing a serious platform to these individuals that led eventually to this explosion of what the modest fashion industry has turned into.

The world of modern Islamic art also started off in a similar vein with many women painting initially, only for pleasure, before selling their work to friends, neighbours and then beyond. In earlier time, very few were brave enough to go to art school. But the world is now crying out for a similar platform, and nobody seems prepared to take the lead.

Why? Because art cannot really be quantified. Art is subjective - what is worth £1million to one person, another person would not pay £40 for. There is a lot of misunderstanding in the public about what good art is, how it is valued, what goes into the creative process. Art is a mystery. Artists are mysterious. That was until now...

At IslamicArtPrints.com, we want to be at the forefront of an artists collective. We are actively seeking to demystify both Islamic art and artists. Our female artists come from so many different backgrounds - some are mothers, some are businesswomen, some are teachers and some are all of these things, but the one thing they all have in common is incredible talent. 

Islamic Art Prints Women Artists International Womens Day 2020

And that is what we want to showcase, along with the message to the young women of today and of the future, that they can whatever they want to be, with a little bit of self-belief, a heck of a lot of hard work and the knowledge that there are collectives out there like ours who will always have your back! 

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Be Moved. Be Inspired.  

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