Welcome to Islamic Art Prints! In January 2020 we launched this site dedicated to celebrating Islamic Artists from across the world; providing them a platform to sell their incredible art. We saw a need for an online hub of cultural excellence which champions both the traditional styles of Islamic art, as well as its more modern counterparts, in front of a global audience.

The company, Zarafa Arts Ltd. was founded in the UK by Mohsin Hanif, Asma Younus and multi-award-winning Islamic artist, Siddiqa Juma. 

Our core mission is to not only work with and to provide exposure and income to Islamic artists globally, but to also provide anyone with a keen interest in Islamic art, a real opportunity to own affordable and exclusive artwork for their homes, or to give as gifts to friends and loved-ones.

"Siddiqa and I had been working together for years and along the way we have met many incredible Islamic artists. These artists not only became friends, they became family and we knew we wanted to find a way to bring everyone together and champion the love and passion we all shared for Islamic Art."

Mohsin Hanif, Consultant, Art content writer & co-founder of Islamic Art Prints

With our first artists at Muslim Lifestyle Expo 2017 and Mohsin and Siddiqa in Central London painting an outdoor mural as part of Masterpeace

From the very beginning, we wanted to base our company on ethical principles, such as being honest and transparent at every opportunity, providing quality products and services to the best of our abilities and maintaining our social and environmental responsibilities. 

Launching in 2020, just 2 months before a global pandemic changed many of our initial first year plans was definitely a challenge. As a small team, our first 2 years of business were a struggle as we tried to ensure we kept the business afloat, whilst never compromising on the services and quality we provide to our valued customers. As tough as it has been, we are proud of what we do and continue to strive to achieve our mission. 

"Launching just before a pandemic is impossible to plan for! As a new business we learnt so much in our first few years and we've come out feeling stronger, ready to share our vast and varied collection of Islamic Art with the world."

Asma Younus, Presenter, Blogger & co-founder of Islamic Art Prints

Siddiqa and Mohsin at Eid in the Square London, Asma and Mohsin placing dots on Siddiqas interactive painting

We are aware of how difficult it is for artists to thrive in the primary art market, and how hard it can be for Islamic artists to prove the investment value of their work. This curated website allows artists to commercialise their pieces, but in a more affordable form. Every time you buy an art product from Islamic Art Prints, at least 50% of the profits go directly to the artist.

“Having worked as a professional artist for over a decade, I understand many of the concerns felt by emerging and established artists and wanted to provide a safe and fair environment for them to share their work.”

Siddiqa Juma, Multi award-winning artist & co-founder of Islamic Art Prints

Siddiqa Juma painting on a canvas outdoors

To fulfil our environmental responsibilities, we have teamed up with a global network of printers in order to reduce the carbon footprint of global shipping. We regularly check and work with our network to keep our products affordable, expanding our portfolio where possible and ensuring high quality is always maintained. 

Thank you for taking the time to read our story, visit our site and we hope you enjoy browsing the collections and find yourself a piece of art that not only makes your home or living space beautiful, but evokes an emotion, whatever that may be.