Reflecting on our resilience. Reigniting our passion.

We’re two weeks into 2024 and it’s time we got back in the game. Since launching Islamic Art Prints in 2020, the year best known for a global pandemic, the tide has not been easy. Every business magazine or book I’ve read has stated that entrepreneurs need to survive at least 3 years of business if they are to last. With year 3 having been and gone, we are still here - but in all honesty, not in the way we hoped. 

For those of you that don’t know us, or have just stumbled upon this site, we are a small business. A small business with global reach I should add. We started because we are passionate about Islamic Art and we wanted to make it accessible to everyone across the world and for walls to proudly hang the incredible masterpieces by the talented artists we are privileged to host on our site. 

Neutral lounge with two wooden framed Islamic art prints

Over the last two years, we’ve had some months that have done well and many months with no sales. We’ve just about kept our head above water, but we’ve yet to fulfil our goal of providing a steady income for our artists, who I should point out are incredible, most have created streams of work for themselves, inspiring to say the very least. So why did we choose to continue to do this? We’ve not helped artists the way we should have, why keep going? Because we still believe we can fulfil our goal. Provide a platform for artists to come together, showcase the best Islamic Art in the world and celebrate it in all its glory! 

You might think it’s strange highlighting the fact that we’ve not been as successful as we’d hoped. But this website was never set up to make us as founders rich, we have always sworn to be honest across the board and truly wanted to share our love of art. With you. But alas, that may have been our mistake. When you have a business that you don’t rely on to pay the bills when life throws the challenges your way - personal challenges, or ill family members, long term sickness in some cases, bereavements, financial struggles - none of those things allow you to spend the time or money on a project born out of passion. That, we have to come to realise, is where we went wrong. 

Light blue wall with decorative pot and dried stems, Sabr Islamic Art colourful painting centre of image by Siddiqa Juma

To this day any profits that have been made have been paid to charitable causes. And it is that motion that has fuelled the importance of our revival in 2024. The last 3 months have been devastating to witness. The war on Gaza, the suffering of humanity across the world has reached an all time high, in my lifetime anyway. And the cries of our letters, protests, campaigns although they move the dial somewhat, it’s not at the rate or pace necessary (but we will continue to try). 

What we can control is how we can begin to financially support those who have been displaced, orphaned, those that are suffering from lack of basic essentials and more. Until further notice we will continue to ensure all the business profits* from Islamic Art Prints are paid to support humanitarian efforts in Gaza, Sudan and other high emergency areas. 

It’s not enough for us to promise profits to charity, we need to rise up and cement the success of our company and fulfil our original promise of sharing the beauty of Islamic Art, all the while raising money for those in need. 

In bleak times such as these, it’s hard to look ahead with optimism but if you are a person of faith as I am, whatever that may be, well that’s what faith does best. It gives you a reason to believe that there is still hope, we can seek comfort in kindness and that helping others is the route to true salvation. It’s the common good that binds us together, our love for humanity whoever and wherever they may be. 

So whether it’s a greeting card or a large framed print, rest assured you will not only be receiving a premium art product, you’ll be directly impacting the lives of others. 

This is my promise to you as we head into 2024. We thank you for taking the time to view our website, share in our love of Islamic Art and your continued support. We hope over time you will trust in our vision and follow our journey as we bring it to life. 

 Wasalam | Peace be upon you

Asma xxx

Islamic Art Prints Co-Founder

*Please note, artists will continue to receive their commission (as they should!) but Islamic Art Prints as an organisation will ensure all additional profits are paid to charity.

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