A Natural Perspective

Although this period of lockdown has been difficult for many, we can’t deny that it has forced many of us to think about the areas where we live and the homes we spend so much of our time in. In the UK, a combination of the good weather and government guidance to ‘stay at home’ made many people realise that now would be a good time to redecorate; all of those odd jobs that needed doing are finally getting done, and there has been an “unprecedented” (there’s that word again) demand for all things home decor and gardening… just ask B&Q and garden centres up and down the land!

One of the positives we have taken from this extraordinary time, is that a lot of focus has shifted back onto nature - our global impact on the environment, rediscovering our surrounding greenery and even tending to what lies on our doorstop. It was during one of our daily permitted walks outside that we came up with the concept for our new campaign. As we strolled through the suburbs we began to look up, we noticed the sunlight streaming through the trees, shades of green contrasting against clear blue skies. The harmony and balance of these natural elements ignited our desire to introduce that same feeling into our interior highlights.

interior room inspired by nature style green art prints islamic

So what does this have to do with Islamic art?

More than you would think, actually. Islamic art has always drawn inspiration from and reflected nature, at the base of which is beauty. The Holy Prophet (upon him be peace and blessings) said, “God is beautiful and He loves beauty.” It is often the reflection of Divine design that is depicted and glorified through Islamic art. Islamic geometry, for example, was / is often used as a way to lead the viewer into a deeper understanding of the underlying reality of creation - where patterns act as a bridge to the spiritual realm.

A Natural Perspective looks at the ways in which we can bring the synergy of our natural world into our homes. We have highlighted pieces in our collection that have been inspired by the beauty of our planet, sharing tips and advice from experts on how to incorporate natural elements into your interiors and giving you insight behind some of our most popular art.

You can browse our collection inspired by nature, The Natural Edit, and keep checking back to read our home interior recommendations.

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