Style Spotlight: Japandi

Choosing a new theme for your interiors can be a pretty difficult task... and sometimes combining two or three different themes may not be such a bad idea. One such theme proving to be popular is Japandi - a combination between the modern flair of Scandinavia, with the timeless, minimalist elegance of Japan. Together, they are a powerhouse of calm, harmony and peaceful synergy.

Scandi and Japanese styles work well because they have a lot in common - more than one would think. Both styles value interiors that inspire simplicity functionality and showcase a love of natural materials with top quality craftsmanship. Has this whet your appetite? If so, below are a couple of tips for you to get your started on your journey towards tranquil interiors. 

Keep it simple

The key to unlocking both these styles, is minimalism. Look around at the space you’re trying to fill and choose pieces that are function driven. Minimalism is not about having nothing, but about keeping spaces simple and uncluttered. Instead, you are encouraged to choose a few statement pieces rather than an abundance of decor.

Think quality - not quantity.

Take inspiration from warm, natural palettes

Both styles don’t do well with bright colours, but that doesn’t mean you need tone it down completely. Instead, find a palette that incorporates warm tones, think of the colours you would find in nature and use contrast to add an extra layer of richness.

Think about the colours in natural materials too, how can you use wood to compliment your colour scheme? What other textures will work?

Choose items made with care

Whether it’s your shelving units, storage boxes, tables or chairs, find pieces that have been carefully considered. Has their function and form been taken into consideration as part of the design? Both Scandinavia and Japan have an affinity for expert design and craftsmanship when it comes to their furniture and interiors.

This doesn’t mean you have to find something that is expensive, handmade and one of a kind; even mass produced items in stores like IKEA can work. Just make sure that whatever you’re buying has the right shape, form and function to satisfy both your style aesthetic AND requirement.


The beauty of Japandi remember, is the beauty of merging the two styles - Japanese interiors can be overly sleek for some, so bringing in some of the more rustic natural elements of Scandinavian design can add a touch of variance. Scandi palettes have a tendency to be quite neutral, so the rich colours incorporated into Japanese design can bring an element of warmth into your room. 

Balancing the two is just one of the ways you can create perfect harmony!!

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