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Before was established, we had spent several years working in the global Islamic arts scene, interacting with plenty of independent artists from all over the world and from all walks of life. During the many, many conversations we had, the chat almost always returned to one theme: the commercialisation of work.

The business of art is not something that many art schools teach. Most of the artists we knew - even highly decorated, prominent artists - were forced through necessity to take on secondary jobs to supplement their incomes. And many artists we spoke to struggled with the commercial aspect of the arts world or had been severely burned through toxic business relationships.

So, it got us thinking. How could we come together as a creative collective to provide beautiful, meaningful art to a global audience? And more importantly - how could we provide this beautiful art in a way that would make it affordable and accessible to people with varying budgets?

Through dialogue with our artist partners, was born. Most people do not have thousands of pounds or dollars to buy original art work but that should not, and does not, matter.

Our goal is to make art accessible to everyone regardless of socio-economic background. We decided specifically to focus this enterprise on creating high quality reproductions of original artwork that has been created by real, independent artists. And because this platform was established by artists, for artists, we know the pain-points that many of our artist-clients have endured over the course of their careers. So, when you buy a print from our platform - you should know that you are not feeding the pockets of fat-cats. Our artists will be receiving an equal share in any profit that is made from the sale of their work.

Transparency, fairness, integrity and honesty are the foundational principles that form the basis of this enterprise. And you have the benefit of being able to buy beautiful, artist-created artwork for yourselves and your loved ones. A win-win situation all around.

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