Abu Ayyub is a writer, illustrator and photographer with a deep fascination for Islamic history and tradition. Having traveled and lived overseas for the past decade, often in pursuit of the Islamic Sciences, Abu Ayyub began his artistic journey by chronicling the life of the student of knowledge. More recently, his work can be found in numerous Islamic travel guides. His photography covers his many travels to places such as Egypt, Oman, Mauritania and Morocco with a particular focus on Spain and the history of Al-Andalus stemming from his Latino heritage.

Covering different subjects from architecture to people, Abu Ayyub aspires to connect others to the sentimental value of his photography which often focuses on a lost time and place. He also believes that photography reflects the Islamic principle of Ihsan or 'beauty' and can be used to capture the spiritual essence or significance of a moment.

Furthermore, in an age when images of Islam and Muslims are often negative, Abu Ayyub hopes to encourage Muslims to reclaim the narrative through photography, writing and other artistic expressions.

He currently resides in Istanbul, Turkey where he continues his studies.