Ayrat is a trained artist with expertise in calligraphy, design and creative writing. Born and raised in the Russian city of Ekaterinburg, Ayrat graduated from art school and then perfected his craft with additional study at the An-Namir Calligraphy Centre of Tatarstan, Russia.

Ayrat’s work is completely unique. His artwork is a representation of both modern and traditional, classical calligraphy presented in bold but atmospheric styles. His compositions and experimentation with colourplay and pattern make his work very distinct, immediately and unquestionably identifiable as Ayrat.

He incorporates Quranic verse, proverbs, poetry and sometimes explorations of single words and letters at the central themes of his work. He describes his own work as the ‘poetry of letters, adorned with feelings.’ And we couldn't describe it better ourselves. We are honoured to host this unique talent on our site.