For Asheeq Art, Islamic art and Arabic calligraphy are the epitome of artistic expression which has a distinctiveness that is recognisable the world over. She has made artistic expression of the Sacred Word and it's unmistakable spiritual reaction the focal point of her work, enhanced through the use of modern techniques to emphasise Divine aesthetic nature. 

Asheeq Art's work is strongly influenced by the centrality of the Holy Quran in her life, which she describes as the blueprint for her life. Her skill has been in interpreting the aesthetic richness and perfection of God's language into her own artwork, something which she has spent years studying how to do. 

She says, "I find solace and enlightenment in creating Islamic art. Transcribing Islamic calligraphy takes a lifetime to learn yet when done properly, it is so pleasing to the eye, it becomes mesmerising."

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