London-based artist Mobeen Akhtar, is quite simply a a highly-skilled creator of arabesque, geometric patterns and more recently, Persian miniatures. Inspired by the intricately illuminated pages of centuries old Quranic script and miniatures, she has dedicated her time to perfecting her techniques using very traditional methodology. 

Mobeen's work has naturally evolved to incorporate historic buildings, gardens and flora and fauna whilst still incorporating the traditional patterns and techniques that she has always loved to create. She also recently launched a collection of Persian miniatures. And her original art is made using the finest of materials such as pigments from Iran and minerals from places like the Congo to the Isle of Wight in the UK. 

Mobeen has sold work in numerous countries across the world. She was part of a landmark exhibition in the UK called Manifesting the Unseen, an exhibition showcasing some of finest examples of Islamic illumination and geometry in the United Kingdom. Through her work, Mobeen is reminded of the perfection in God’s creations and the continuity which extends from Him alone.  This profoundly inspires every piece of artwork that she begins with the humble pencil and ends with the stroke of a brush.