Raeda Ashour is a Saudi Arabian artist and member of the Saudiaat Art Group in Jeddah. Having lived in Cairo and previously worked in publishing, Raeda returned to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 1991. She has worked as a freelance artist since then and is mostly known for her paper emobossing emphasising Arabic and Islamic motifs in her composition.

Raeda has showcased her artworks in more than 50 collective exhibitions with numerous galleries and festivals, such as Saudi Cultural Week in Russia, Moscow (2017), “The Ultimate Journey” at Dolmabahce Gallery (Istanbul, 2012), the Saudi Cultural Week in Russia (2007), the Saudi Women Artists’ Exhibition at UNESCO-Beirut (2001) & the Iranian Islamic Biennial (Tehran 2001). She also held solo exhibitions across the region, including: Jeddah Atelier for Artists (2000), Dar Al Funoon (Kuwait, 1997) & Cairo Atelier (Egypt, 1992).

Raeda Ashour possesses a BA in Middle Eastern Studies, and MA in Arts Education and has participated in lectures on Islamic geometry and pattern at The Princes School of Traditional Arts in London. It is a pleasure to have such an incredibly rare talent on our platform.