Reinout Engel hails from the Kingdom of Belgium. With an innate passion for art, Reinout grew up in his father’s antique restoration workshop where he recalls being spellbound by his father’s incredible skills in woodwork. This led to Reinout also completing his studies in woodwork and carpentry following which, he assisted his father whenever he needed an extra pair of hands. Having also completed some time at an art school as a youth, Reinout found himself on a quest to find his own artistic identity.

It was not until he turned 40 that he found what he was looking for. Having spent a number of years as a pyrography artist, Reinout was always on the lookout for designs to engrave and etch into wood. And that was when he discovered the beauty of Islamic geometric pattern. He found himself increasingly sidetracked by the study and practice of geometry and spent hundreds of hours drawing, studying and reading up on geometry and the cultural heritage of the Islamic world. Since then, he has also completed studied with Daud Sutton in the south of Spain, something which he hopes to do more of in the future. It is a delight to feature Reinout’s work on

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