Lord Richard MacLeod is a much-loved calligrapher and painter of Lebanese origin. Now residing in the UK, the overriding message of Richard’s inimitable pieces is of peace and harmony across all cultures. Trained and qualified as an architect, Richard has an extraordinary ability to be able to explore and incorporate elements of philosophy and cultural sentiments into his own works which have also allowed him to understand the construction of lettering at a much deeper and almost forensic level. His deep understanding of letter construction and as a constant seeker of knowledge Richard was able to invent the first Arabic script in over 100 years. The script, called QEII is the first Arabic script to incorporate elements of medieval English calligraphy and was invented by Richard for the sole purpose of giving modern Muslims a sense of ownership and attachment to modern islamic calligraphic works. The result is something so striking and so beautiful that it cannot be mistaken for anything other than Richard’s work.

Richard draws his inspiration very strongly from verses of the Quran and the narrations of the Prophet Muhammad (upon him be eternal peace). Though growing up with Christian cousins, Richard has been able to beautifully incorporate universal messaging from other Abrahamic faiths into his works. Richard says, “Art is a phenomenal translator, and is the vehicle in which I transmit these common values, emotions, and feelings beyond language and beyond culture.” His work speaks for itself. Need we say anything more?