With training in classical Arabic calligraphy from Damascus University, Syria, Samir Malik, a stalwart of the Islamic arts scene in the UK, has been producing Islamic art and holding exhibitions and workshops for over 20 years; at prominent galleries and Universities across the globe.

As an artist, calligrapher & graphic designer Samir has been commissioned by and worked with a broad variety of corporations such as The Liverpool Arabic Arts Festival, Chloé, Saudi Aramco, National Zakat Foundation, HSBC Amanah, Burton Snowboards, Lloyds TSB, The Lady Fatema Trust, IslamExpo, Heavenly, Lippincott, St. Marys Hospital Trust, Meridian Institute, The Muslim Literary Society, The MCB and Siratt as well as for universities, galleries, schools & private clients and businesses across the world including Royalty. His art also features as part of the UK National Collection.

Samir is rightfully acknowledged as one of the pioneers of the revival and reinvention of Islamic Calligraphy in the West. He has exhibited internationally and his art, designs and photography have been featured in periodicals and books along with frequent appearances in television.