Samira Mian is one of Europe's foremost Islamic geometry artists and she is known globally as a passionate geometrist and experienced educator of Islamic geometry.  Samira has used her previous career experience as a secondary school teacher to share and teach her passion for compass and straightedge constructions of Islamic geometric pattern in the UK and internationally since September 2015.

Samira has exhibited her work in the UK and in particular at a landmark exhibition in London in 2019 called Manifesting the Unseen, which featured her art and the work of other notable British female creatives.

Samira has a huge following on social media with over 35,000 followers on Instagram alone and a much-loved YouTube channel, all of which is entirely down to her creative brilliance and the innate talent she has been bestowed with.  Samira’s expertise lie in analysing and constructing geometric patterns from an almost forensic level, to her incredible use of colour. She is quite simply an absolute master of her craft.