Siddiqa Juma is a multi-award-winning and critically acclaimed contemporary Islamic artist. Hailing from the tiny Zanzibari island of Pemba, Siddiqa has been painting professionally for the past 10 years (and non-professionally, since she was a child); though in a short period of time, has made serious waves. Often known as “The Kaabah Artist” Siddiqa has spent the majority of her professional career focusing on the Islamic focal point of prayer, the Holy Kaabah in the Holy City of Makkah. It would not be unfair to say that her work is a constant consideration and reconsideration of it’s central importance to Muslims from all over the globe, but her work also explores the importance of humanity, centrality and anchoring to the whole of mankind - Muslim or not. She is considered to have created the largest volume of work featuring the Holy Kaabah than any other professional artist in the world.

Among Siddiqa’s most well-known pieces are Diversity and Make Your Mark. Diversity inspired the creation of Siddiqa's ground-breaking Make Your Mark painting. The painting, like Diversity - features the Holy Kaabah as the central focus of the painting. This is then surrounded by a blanket of coloured strokes which are placed by members of the public. So far, over 7,500 people of all colours, religions and ethnicities have placed their mark on the painting, including members of global Royalty, eminent politicians and celebrities as well as of course, members of the general global community. Her works are owned by global Royal families, eminent politicians, and hang in some of the most recognisable establishments in the UK and abroad.

Siddiqa is the winner of the UK People’s Art Prize 2015; a Global Art Award for Best Painting (Diversity) 2017; the Leonardo da Vinci Universal Artist Award 2018; and the Alhambra Award for Arts 2019.

Siddiqa is also a co-founder of