Teakster is an award-winning artist who offers a fresh and contemporary take on Islamic art for the 21st century. His work has featured in numerous publications and exhibitions across the USA, UAE Europe and the Far East over the last 10 years. Global audiences have included world leaders and member of Middle Eastern royalty.

Teakster’s style can best be described as a fusion of Islamic artistic traditions coupled with modern techniques from his London upbringing. His professional art career was born from a desire to break from the mundane routine of corporate life. Over the course of his career, Teakster has sought to engage wider communities through his artwork, by exploring deeper meaning and a narrative that allows the viewer to consider connections to their own identities.

Teakster says, “It is sad to see that we live in troubled times, in which the beauty of Islamic culture is often obscured from view by those who wish to misrepresent both the faith and those who follow its teachings of peace and tolerance. My ultimate aim is to connect communities and cultures, and challenge the negative images and narrow perceptions of Muslims, through the serene universal language of art.”

Teakster is the winner of the Alhambra award 2014.