Mysterious Ways Framed Print | Sandy Kurt

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Mysterious Ways | Sandy Kurt

Mysterious ways has been inspired by the quote “God works in mysterious ways” The events in history are all connected; we as humans are all connected. Allah Jalla Shanuhu has amazing plans for all of us if we believe. Every action and event in our life is like a piece of a puzzle. You cannot figure out Allah’s plans by only one piece but at the very end when every piece fits in and you look at the whole picture everything will be clear. Every joy, mistake, tear, laugh will have a complete different meaning when put in the greater picture of Allah Al-Rahman Al-Rahim.

This piece by Sandy Kurt is the perfect finishing touch for your interior. Each print is especially made just for you and you can rest assured that only the finest, gallery-standard materials have been used to create an incredibly vibrant print on archival grade paper. Frames and window mounts are produced using FSC-certified materials and finished with clean, simple lines and a satin finish, and arrive ready to hang. With proper care, your print will easily last for more than 100 years.

We have partnered with a global network of printers that will automatically route your order to your nearest print facility, thus allowing for faster fulfilment of your order and reducing our carbon footprint. You can rest easy knowing that you are buying conscientious, feel-good art which supports our environment as well as the artist behind the print.

So whatever colours our artists use to create their art Your prints will be “Green” and here to enjoy for many years to come.

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