Art of Ramadan: Artists Supporting Artists

At the core of is a desire to support artists. Over the course of the previous 4 years, whilst travelling and exhibiting at events in the UK and abroad, we encountered many artists who wanted to concentrate all of their working effort on producing art, but who more often than not, had to supplement their income with a 9-5 job or with a secondary part-time position. has been set up to be able to provide artists with a regular income through the sale of their prints. We set up as an equitable enterprise ensuring that our featured artists would have access to a global audience which is why all profits are shared 50:50 from the sale of absolutely any print on our website. 

When discussing the Art of Ramadan campaign with the Emerald Network who had partnered with Human Appeal for their Covid-19 campaign, we also did not want to lose sight of this foundational principle; which is why for every sale we make in the Art of Ramadan campaign, our artists will still be able to make 50% of the profits from the sale of their print. And even further than that, it was a win-win situation as the remaining 50% goes towards funding the Human Appeal coronavirus campaign. 


We were humbled and honoured that artists from all across the globe were ready and willing to put their names (and their amazing works) behind this initiative. What it has created is a genuine virtual artists community, with each artist sharing the work of their peers on social media platforms and webinars. 

Our commitment to quality has also remained uncompromised. For this campaign, you will receive a really generously sized 20" x 20" (just over 50cm) print with the same quality archival grade paper as you would from our main collection of work. And all for only £49

We have already explained the effect of Covid-19 on the arts sector in our previous blog post. Now, more than ever do we need to support creatives and the creative industries to get through this difficult time or we could risk losing an entire sector which provides jobs and income to thousands of people in the UK and abroad.

We believe supporting and safeguarding the creative industries is not just a good thing to do, it is a duty which will preserve a hugely beneficial sector for generations to come. The benefit to you, our clients, is that you can raise money to support some extremely worthwhile causes, AND own some beautiful artwork which you and your loved ones will cherish for a very long time. 

You can see all of the prints in our Art of Ramadan campaign here.


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