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Whilst it is business as usual for our online shop and though we hate to add to all the noise on Coronavirus, this article is brought to you in the spirit of hope. As we discussed in our blog post earlier this week, is an artist-led platform and we are committed to giving all of our readers and clients, HOPE to get through this difficult time.

The arts sector generally has been massively hit by the global Covid-19 pandemic. As a consequence of this, we wanted to provide a useful resource to artists who may now be facing serious difficultly as a consequence of this situation. We have also decided to create a separate page on this website which will contain links to useful information for the duration of this pandemic. We will continue to update this page as more information continues to be provided.

1) Arts Council England:

The incredible team at the Arts Council England have made an extra £160million of emergency funding available for individuals and organisations who will need it most during this crisis. In order to facilitate this, they have changed the funding requirements for those who are currently in receipt of funding, in order to help alleviate the pressure on them. What we love most about the Arts Council England, is their unequivocal commitment to keeping diversity and inclusion at the heart of everything they do. They have created a separate page with information on support available right now, at the following link:

For artists in other parts of the British Isles, The Arts Councils of Wales, Scotland & Northern Ireland have also provided support information at the following links:

  • Wales

  • Scotland

  • Northern Ireland

2) If you are a creative agency or company that employs artists, designers and creative people of all types, the UK government have provided extensive information on various funding options that are available to all businesses at the following link:

3) The Covid-19 pandemic is said to have cost the arts industry in the United States an estimated $4.5billion dollars already. In response to this, 7 incredible US arts organisations have come together to launch a national relief fund for artists who may be affected by the ongoing situation. The fund, which is simply called Artist Relief, will be offering unrestricted $5,000 grants on a rolling basis to help artists who are most in need. More information can be found here:

4) The main piece of advice we have for artists all over the world who are worried about funding and / or emergency grants that they may be eligible for, we would highly recommend that you contact your local or national arts & culture councils, government bodies or arts NGOs in your locality, for further guidance on any grants or funding that you may be eligible for during this difficult time. 

Remember: whilst we all need money to live and survive, the one thing that is absolutely free is creativity. This is the ideal moment for us all to get creative and for people who have been putting off learning a new art or craft - NOW is the time to give it a go. What are you waiting for?

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