Product Spotlight: Hope by Ayrat Khismatullin

As part of a new feature, will be running a Product Spotlight on a weekly basis, highlighting a special piece of work by one of our amazing featured artists.

Ayrat Khismatullin is a Russian Islamic artist from the city of Ekaterinberg. Given the current global pandemic, which has caused alarm and panic from East to West, our overriding message to everyone is one of hope. And as a consequence of this, we selected Ayrat’s piece called Hope to launch this product spotlight, as it encapsulated exactly what we are trying to project.

We spoke to Ayrat to understand his thought process in the creation of this beautiful piece. He very kindly explained the following:

“This painting Hope, was created in 2019. It is a bit difficult to talk about where my inspiration really comes from, as it is not always from external sources. I suppose with regard to this piece, my inspiration came from a deeper, inner dialogue that I was probably having with myself on a subconscious level and perhaps as a reaction to things that happen in life. The piece is really about all of us, the hope of all humanity - the hope for a better future.

The gold circle in this piece represents God’s eternal, majestic presence - as the Light of the heavens and the earth. The coloured words underneath depict humanity on a constant quest towards the Light and towards finding the Light.”

 We cannot think of a more beautiful sentiment with which to launch this new feature on Islamic Art Prints and we hope you will find much hope with this special piece of art in your life.

You can purchase this piece and see Ayrat’s other pieces at on this page. Don't forget to use SPRING15 to activate your 15% discount at the checkout!

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