How can you get your creative mojo back?

There is no getting away from the fact that we are going through an unprecedented moment in history. Yes, that line has been used many times in recent weeks and months, but that statement is fact. Life as we knew it has ground to a screeching halt as people all over the world are isolating themselves in the hope that they will avoid catching this dreaded virus. Companies have closed down, living rooms have become makeshift offices and going food shopping has never felt as strange. When in living memory have we in the Western world experienced empty shelves on an almost daily basis? It all feels as though we have stepped into the pages of a very uncomfortable dystopian novel and nearly every human being on earth has been affected by this, whether directly or indirectly.

Like many other sectors, the creative industry has been hit very badly amidst all of this chaos. Artists and freelancers are worried about who is going to buy their work when people are losing their jobs and worried about putting food on the table. Being stuck inside has added to not just a feeling of 'cabin fever,' but it has heightened anxieties and cultivated an atmosphere of insecurity and uncertainty, all of which has understandably led to 'artists block'.

So what can you do to counteract the difficulty of this moment? How can you get your creative mojo back? We have put together a few ideas, whether you're an artist or not, to get your creative juices flowing once again:

Look beyond this moment

Artists are generally very good at looking beyond the moment. Think about what our life will be like when we emerge from this and Coronavirus is but a distant memory? How will you feel? Do you think humanity will change? If so, how?

Do you want to contribute to the narrative of this time?

Art, in all of its various forms has the ability to invoke calm and tranquillity in moments of chaos. Think about how you can add to the conversation of what is happening today? Do you want to invoke the memory of what we are going through now? Or do you want to invoke calm at a time of huge uncertainty?

Create your own reality

The beauty of art is the ability to create your own reality. When you are stood in front of your canvas, or paper - whatever you create is down to you and what the inner voice inside you. You are the writer of your story. Don't lose sight of that.

Time to reconnect

Reconnect with family and friends. With so much time on your hands, now is the perfect moment for you to connect with people you love or with people who inspire you. The wonders of modern technology mean that you can stay in contact with people who are at the other side of the world, and literally have them visible in your room - even if it is courtesy of a device screen.

Surround yourself with beauty

Surround yourself with art. Art, whether on your wall, on your phone, on your TV or in books has the power to inspire and re-inspire. It can make you feel good, inspired and creative. Look at the work of your mentors, your teachers, your role-models. What stories did they tell through their work during difficult moments in global history?


There has never been a more important time or moment for art and creativity as it has the power to transport us from dark moments into places of much light and love.

If you want to add to the conversation on how to regain your creative mojo, drop us an email to and we will share your suggestions. 

Above all, please remember: We are all in this together. 

For any artists struggling during this difficult time, our team at is here to support you as best they can. If you are struggling and need some advice, or even just to talk - email us on and we will get in touch asap.

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